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  • Supply News - Alli Weight Loss Tablets and Quinoderm Creams

    Every month the Angel Customer Services team get numerous enquiries as to the stock availability of our popular pharmacy products and those that have suddenly disappeared from the marketplace. So here's an update on two of our popular products that have seen supply issues within the last couple of months, Quinoderm Cream and Alli Weight Loss Tablets.

    We've had confirmation that currently Quinoderm Creams in all all strengths and sizes are Quinoderm 10 25gout of stock throughout the supply chain. As of the time of this blog there has been no time scale given as to when stocks will be available. Quinoderm Face Washes are not affected and are available. An alternative product to the Quinoderm Creams that is on the market is PanOxyl Aquagel is 10% w/w Benzoyl Peroxide. You can purchase PanOxyl at Angel Pharmacy for only £2.99.

    Alli x 1Another highly popular product that's been out of the supply chain for a while is Alli weight loss tablets. We have been told that stocks on this product won't be available until some time at the end of the year which is not good news for some. Alternative popular products are XLS Medical and Adios tablets.

    We'll keep you updated on stocks on these products, and you can also go to the products on our website and sign up to an email notification when these stocks become available again.

    Remember, we love to hear from you so get in touch at, call us on 01305 777705 or get onto the live chat!

    Gemma Fannon

    Angel Website Manager.

  • Sexual Health

    There is lots of information available about sexual health, but not all of it is accurate. You can get accurate information from many clinics and health professionals who offer confidential and accurate information about safe sex, contraception, pregnancy and STI’s. Why not visit our website to view our sexual health products along with the reliable information that our website provides? Our Pharmacists are happy to help with any questions or queries that you may have, so you can get in touch with us either by phone or by email.

    To make sure you stay safe we’re offering great prices on our Durex Condoms (packs of 14) and also on our Clamelle products.

    Durex provide a wide range of condoms which come in different colours, sizes, textures,

    Durex Pleasure Me 14s Durex Pleasure Me 14s

    tastes and other benefits. They all aim to keep you safe because your sexual lifestyle is important. Amongst many other things it’s all about knowing your body, knowing which forms of contraception are best for you and also knowing about the different forms of STI’s so that you can help protect yourself.

    Do you know how effective some forms of contraception are?

    • The male condom is 98% effective if used correctly.
    • The female condom is up to 95% effective. However it can sometimes split if it is being used incorrectly.
    • The Pill is up to 99% effective if used correctly. However, it does not protect against STI’s.
    • The contraceptive implant is up to 99% + effective.
    • The contraceptive injection is up to 99% + effective.
    • Diaphragms and caps are up to 92%-96% effective. Sponges are 89%-91% effective.
    Clamelle Testing Kit Clamelle Testing Kit

    Clamelle offer an anonymous and convenient way to test and treat Clamydia. All you need to do is purchase one of their testing kits from your local pharmacy or online. You can complete the urine test in the privacy of your own home and post it directly to the laboratory to be tested. You can either have your result sent to you in the post within 7 days or it can be returned to your local pharmacy. Clamelle also provide tablets which treat Clamydia. You must have a positive reading for Clamydia before you can purchase these Clamelle tablets and your request for purchasing them will be authorised by a pharmacist first.


    Angel Pharmacy Pharmacist

  • Abby's Beauty Blog - Rimmel

    Rimmel Stay Matt Classic Beige Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

    I suffer from oily skin so I have to be careful not to use foundations that will make me look shiny during the day. I have recently been using the Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation and I have to say that it is a fantastic product! This product is amazing as it covers all blemishes and controls the shine on my face yet feels light on my skin. I would definitely recommend trying this foundation.

    RM TM Concealer Rimmel Match Perfection 2 in 1 Concealer and Highlighter

    Another Rimmel London product that I have been testing out is their Match Perfection 2 in 1 Concealer and highlighter. Only a small amount of this product is needed and it goes a long way. I like to apply this product under my eyes to illuminate the eye area, on my eyebrow bones, on the highest point of my cheek bones towards my temples and also on the bridge of my nose to shape and define areas of your face. I would advise taking a look at some online tutorials for more information and guidance on contouring with make-up.

    Summer is here! Now is the time to stock up on summer products and a good bronzer is a must have! I recommend trying out the Rimmel London Natural Bronzer Powder for a more natural look, and what’s even better is it contains a sun protection factor 8… hello sunshine! This product gives you to have a healthy glow whatever the weather . Here are a few tips on apply bronzer:

    rimmel_natural_bronzer Rimmel Natural Bronzer

    1. Apply bronzer sparingly as too much of it can make your skin look dirty and will look too dark for your skin.

    2. Apply the bronzer under your cheekbones to make your cheekbones stand out.

    3. Use the bronzer on your temple area which helps to shape your face and gives more of a sun kissed look.

    So go on, give them a go and let us know what you think!


    Abby x

  • Coping with Hayfever - Dr Sarah Brewer

    Dr Sarah Brewer Dr Sarah Brewer

    The number of people with allergies has tripled over the last 20 years, and many middle-aged people are now experiencing hayfever for the first time in their life.

    Why it is becoming more common is hotly debated, but air pollution – especially inhaling hydrocarbon particles from diesel exhausts – is suggested as a prime cause. Global warming, which means that summer starts earlier, also prolongs your exposure to pollen. In spring, the culprits are usually tree pollens (birch, hazel, elder, plane trees). In summer, grasses and ragweed are troublesome and, this year, the grass pollen season is predicted to run from late May until early August. If symptoms persist into autumn then you may be reacting to mould and fungal spores.

    When immune cells protecting your nose and eyes encounter a pollen protein to which you are sensitive, they release histamine. This powerful chemical triggers inflammation and swelling and is responsible for the common hayfever symptoms of stuffy nose, increased mucus, sneezing, coughing and itchy, watery eyes.

    Antihistamines and anti-inflammatory medications are therefore the mainstay of treatment. Oral antihistamines are effective at reducing symptoms of a runny nose and sneezing, but tend to be less effective against a stuffed up nose. Some older antihistamines are sedating, but newer ones (eg acrivastine, cetirizine, loratadine) are not.

    Many people find that nasal corticosteroid sprays offer better relief of symptoms overall than oral antihistamines. There is no clear evidence to suggest one nasal corticosteroid spray is more effective than another, however. As some sprays are more expensive than others, it is worth trying a cheaper one first. If problems persist, the British National Formulary suggest using an antihistamine spray containing azelastine to help control breakthrough symptoms. These products are all available without a prescription from pharmacies.

    Ideally, treatment should start two to three weeks before the hayfever season starts, but this is not always easy to predict.

    Wear wrap-around sunglasses when going out to minimise eye symptoms, and protect your nose by applying a pollen barrier balm, powder or spray. This helps to prevent pollen grains coming in contact with the nasal lining to reduce histamine release.

    If symptoms continue to prove troublesome, see your doctor as other treatments are available on prescription.


    Dr Sarah Brewer


    Dr Sarah Brewer MSc (Nutr Med), MA (Cantab), MB, BChir, RNutr, MBANT qualified from Cambridge University with degrees in Natural Sciences, Medicine and Surgery. After working in general practice, she gained a master's degree in nutritional medicine from the University of Surrey. As well as being a licensed doctor, Sarah is now also a Registered Nutritionist, a Registered Nutritional Therapist and an award winning health writer. Sarah is the author of  over 50 popular self-help books, and the editor of YourWellness magazine

  • Angel NHS Health Checks at Waitrose, Dorchester

    The Angel team will be at the main Dorchester Waitrose in Dorchester on Friday 16th May 2014 to carry out Free NHS Health Checks for the public. The event starts at 9:30am and will finish around 4:30pm.

    To qualify for a Free NHS Health Check you need to be aged between 40 and 74 and have not been diagnosed with any of the following:

    • Diabetes
    • CHD
    • Heart Failure
    • Atrial Fibrillation
    • Hypertension
    • Stroke/ TIA
    • Renal Disease/ CKD
    • Familial Hypercholesterolemia
    • Peripheral Arterial Disease
    • Or are receiving Palliative Care

    So if you are local to the area and fit this criteria why not come and see us!


    Angel Customer Services.

  • We have Lift Off! New Website launched

    Angel BlogWe have lift off! Angel  Pharmacy’s brand new website has launched!

    Here on the Angel Website team we’ve spent many months designing a new system that we feel gives our customer’s a streamlined experience for ordering prescriptions and shopping for those important retail purchases.

    As Website Manager I’d like to thank all those involved in the design and build of the website. We are really proud of the area in which we live and work and with such talent on our doorstep we’ve sourced all our contractors within the Dorset region.

    My first thank you is to our wonderful developers Strange Corp, who are based in Bournemouth, for their diligence and attention to details on this very complicated build.

    Secondly thank you to our photographer Lara Jayne Thorpe for her inspired vision and imagery that runs throughout the website which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is magnificent! Also, thanks to our bevy of gorgeous models who are all local to the Weymouth area.

    Lastly, to all those at Angel HQ that have brought the project together I offer a huge thank you. I personally would like to give special thanks to my right hand lady Abby - who also doubles as our human model on the Pets page – for being a real trooper in ploughing through the massive workload to get the site launched on time.

    We all hope you enjoy the new website and if you want to learn more you can contact us at or call us on 01305 777705 and one of the team will be happy to help.


    We hope to see you on our site soon!


    Gemma Fannon

    (A very proud) Website Manager.

  • Christmas Angels collect donations for Help the Homeless

    Help the HomelessAngel Pharmacy in Crescent Street have been spreading a little Christmas joy to the homeless of Dorset by organising a huge collection of clothes and food for Help the Homeless in Dorset.

    Angel managed to collect enough donations to fill a white van! Donations included clothes, sleeping bags, blankets, DVDs, toiletries, sweets and so much more.

    Holly Carlin, the main organisational force behind the Angel donations said:

    "There was so much food and baked goodies that Wendy (from Help the Homeless) who came to collect the donations, burst in to tears with thanks!"

    Help the Homeless of Dorset are an organisation that collect from all over Dorset and have two central hubs in Bournemouth and Poole where donated clothes are sorted and distributed.

    The food goes straight to the soup kitchens and hostels so that the homeless can have at least one hot meal a day. The volunteers also go out on to the streets with flasks of hot soup, tea and coffee to give to homeless people that cannot come in to the centres.

    The collection was so successful that Angel are looking to do another event next year.

    A massive well done to all the Angel involved!

    Angel Crescent Street

  • Angel Pharmacy buys ShelterBox for Disaster Relief

    Shelterbox 2013 L - R: Gemma Fannon, Ian Brooke, Sharath Karanth and Abby Barrett.

    Angel Pharmacy has bought a Shelterbox that will provide shelter to families that have been affected by disasters worldwide.

    In response to the recent disaster in the Phillipines, Angel Pharmacy wanted to do something proactive in order to support disaster relief. On Monday, Angel Pharmacy's Gemma Fannon, Sharath Karanth and Abby Barrett met with Ian Brooke, a local Shelterbox voluteer, to see the Shelterbox.

    Each Shelterbox contains a tent, blankets, water purification and storage, cooking utensils, stove and a basic tool kit. It also contains a children's activity pack and other items. The Shelterboxes are delivered to families in most need by trained Shelterbox volunteers.

    ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity that provides emergency shelter and life-saving supplies to families around the world that are affected by disasters.

    Angel's Shelterbox will be deployed wherever disaster relief is required and it's location can be tracked.

    To find out more about Shelterbox and how to donate please visit the Shelterbox Website or visit their Facebook page.

  • Ask Your Pharmacist Week - November 4th - 11th 2013


    The National Pharmacy Association's (NPA) Ask Your Pharmacist Week takes place from 4-11 November 2013 and has been set up to encourage customers to get in contact with their pharmacies for advice and help on health matters.

    This year's Ask Your Pharmacist week is focused on the advice and treatment for common ailments and other community pharmacy based support to help people stay well during the winter months.

    Community pharmacy is a convenient setting to get help for coughs and sneezes and all manner of other health concerns which don't necessarily require a GP or hospital appointment.

    So come and visit us in one of our stores!

    For more details you can visit the NPA website.

    Also note Angel Pharmacy is offering customer's Flu Jabs in store, so contact us on 01305 781500 to book and appointment or to find out more.



    The Angel Team

  • Flu and You - Are you at Risk from Flu?

    Flu And You! Are you at Risk from Flu?

    If you want to help protect yourself against flu this winter, our Winter Flu Jab Service is here to help!Woman Sneezing

    It is important to have this vaccine early in the season, ideally before December. We are holding this service in our Crescent Street and Southill branches where you may be able to have a vaccination straight away or otherwise by appointment. This is a private service and you may be able to get the vaccination for free on the NHS from your doctor.

    Prices for our Winter Flu Jab Service

    Standard Vaccine: £11.99

    Low Pain Injection:* £14.99

    We also offer a vaccination service for businesses.

    If you would like to find out more information about this service then give either our Crescent Street or Southill Branch a call:

    Crescent Street 01305 781500

    Southill (Radipole Lane) 01305 780299

    *Micro-needle placement into the skin was reported by most vaccinees as pain free on a verbal pain description scale during a trial (Source=Sano-Pasteur Press Kit)

    Angel Online Team

    "Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/".

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